Misc. Scientology stuff

A friendly note from LRH

LRH in trouble in Phoenix, 1955

Siberia Bill (Scientology lies about this)
   The bill
   Siberia bill, 1956

GO program, 1966

GO program, 1968

Scientology protest, 1969

Toronto GO action, 1974

Operation Freakout documents

    Scientology warns about Interpol, 1975
    Scientology warns about Interpol, 1984
   Scientology warns about Interpol, 1989
   Letter from Interpol re: Scientology, 1994

Jeff related
   my paper on brainwashing, 1984
   Call to picket, 1995
   request for protective order in Lerma case, 1995
   me on KTAR radio, 1997

Narconon  buys San Diego property, 2001