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college paper on brainwashing in 1984.


my cult experience written in 1987


Ollie North and the Boneheads, written in 1987


Myth, Performance, and Conversion, 1989 paper for Master's program


The Hubbard is Bare, a 1991 article on the beginnings of Scientology


Online activism against Scientology, co-written in 1995 with Jim Lippard


Medical Claims made by L. Ron Hubbard, written in 1996


Scientology's Tax Exemption, 2001 article


Are Hubbard's writings scripture? 2002 article


CCHR: Scientology front group, 2004 article


Internet Activism, 2008 on the group Anonymous.


Misuse of Religious Workers Visas, 2009 article.


Article about my great grandfather, 2010


Moral Economy, article 2010


Comparing two revolutions, 2012


The history of the Sitting Bull Mine, 2013


The Antenna Project, 2016


My Pandemic Diary, 2021


South Dakota Trusts are bad, 2022


Why God sticks with free will, 2022


Protest in Clearwater, 2022


Comparing the Winter War of 1939 with the Ukraine War of 2022, 2023


My blog on Internet Collective Action


my blog on societal issues


my blog on quadcopters