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Jeff's Videos


time lapse of poppies from cultxpt on Vimeo.

My first time lapse. I was hoping the poppy would bloom, but it waited until that night sometime.  Ah well.

clouds change direction, sort of from cultxpt on Vimeo.

time lapse of clouds going over Galena.  Two layers of clouds make it looked like they switched directions.

moving clouds, Newell Lake, SD from cultxpt on Vimeo.

Time lapse of clouds at Newell Lake, SD.



Animal shots, with silly titles.

Dipper birds from cultxpt on Vimeo.

Dipper birds.

Community Cave, Spearfish Canyon, inside with ice from cultxpt on Vimeo.




the "Mad Picket" against Scientology (this is Mark Bunker's video, from
his and my constant videotaping of this event)



other videos

My collection of videos is on vimeo.com