2019 photos around Rapid City, SD

Rapid City has interesting weather, and in fact is the most difficult place in the country to forecast weather.  Below are photos I've taken this year so far.

Alex Johnson hotel in the fog

Alex Johnson hotel in the fog

art alley in the fog

Art Alley in a bit of fog

President Carter statue

President Carter with sweater

Civic Center in the fog

Civic Center in the fog

Clock near City Hall

Clock across from City Hall

President Ford with dog

President Ford

President Johnson statue

President Johnson

President Washington

president Washington

Apartments with frost from hill

apartments from Hangman Hill

cement plant with frost

cement plant

dinosaur with frost

the park was closed so I didn't get closer

Hangman tree with frost

Hangman tree

steam and frost

steam and frost

playtime with frost


swings with frost

quiet time for swings


all photos copyright Jeff Jacobsen